Magento ecommerce website design

smart, slick, scalable solutions

Online retail isn’t an easy arena, but our team specialise in taking complex concepts and converting them into simple but sophisticated websites that really work. We adopt the latest development technologies to deliver ecommerce solutions that are easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate and stunning to look at.

Magento developers delivering exceptional online experiences

The above said, great ecommerce website design is much more than making things look pretty. We take a holistic approach, giving you all the support you need to successfully sell your products online.

We’ll assign you with a dedicated Magento developer who’ll ensure that your website truly reflects your brand and brings the right audience to your online shop – while also making sure that you can manage your products and content yourself. Here’s how we do it:

We learn about your business, your products and your target market

This covers the look, functionality and features that your visitors see and use

We build tailored ecommerce platforms that meet your specifications

From complex delivery rules to custom merchants, all the way through to system integration and VAT, we deal with everything you need to get started on your eCommerce journey.

Giving you the knowledge and tools to add, edit and remove products in-house

Ongoing support to drive traffic to your site and boost visibility and sales

Unlimited products

Our Magento ecommerce websites are completely scalable, so they grow with your business – there’s no limit to how many products you can promote and sell, just keep adding!

Unlimited categories

The more products you add, the more important it is to organise them effectively. You can set up as many categories as you need, improving usability and navigation for your customers.

Conversion optimisation

Developing an ecommerce website that looks the part is just the start – we utilise some pretty nifty techniques to create compelling ‘calls to action’ that maximise enquiries and conversions.

Secure payments

Managing money is pretty essential when it comes to ecommerce! We recommend Stripe and Paypal for reliability and security, but we’re happy to work with any payment gateway you like.

More than just Magento

Our ecommerce development skills aren’t just limited to Magento – although we do love working with it! Our talented team also have bags of experience in other platforms, so if you need OpenCart or Shopify developers, we’re happy to step in and set you up for success with these too.

We pride ourselves on sensational service standards: fiercely focused on the deliverables, but not at the cost of a bit of personality – so we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with us! Oh, and all of our ecommerce websites are responsive so they’re designed to work on all devices, without exception.

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